Peppermint Hot Chocolate On a Stick


Childhood memories of snow days home from school and making snow angels and igloos all day with friends on the block.  Warming up my insides with a cup of hot coco in front of the TV is probably my favorite part of this time of year (besides the presents). This Peppermint Hot Chocolate On a Stick recipe is simple and delicious, it might even take you back to your favorite holiday memories.


Things you’ll need:

Ice cube tray

Milk Chocolate ( 4 oz. will give you 4)

Peppermint candy (I used the soft candy)

Sticks (I used lollipop sticks found at Michaels)

Mini Marshmallows (optional)


1. Start by melting your chocolate. I like using the microwave; heat in 20 second increments and stir in between. When all the chocolate is fully melted, add it to the ice-cube tray.


2. Crush the peppermint candy and sprinkle on top of the melted chocolate. Add sticks to the middle and place in the fridge for 10-15 mins.


3. Stir in a steaming glass of milk and ENJOY!

Share with friends and family. These make tasty treats for the holidays.

Tweet/Instagram a photo : @ThewaytomyHart  I would love to see them!

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