MAC Nylon – 5 Ways

MAC Nylon 5 Ways

I tend to have the habit of buying makeup and letting it sit pretty on my makeup vanity ( don’t we all?!). I also find myself buying the same colors over and over again just because the packaging was so pretty, or maybe someone suggested that the product is a must have.

Instead of buying more and eventually running out of storage space, I try to find more than one way to use a single product. This creativity helps me to not only use up the makeup I have, but helps me to buy less.

One of my favorite eye shadows in my collection is Nylon by MAC and here are the five different ways I use this product. I may not want to use it for all five ways at one time, but now I have options.

1. As it’s original use, an (eye shadow) all over lid
2. Eye; Inner corner highlight
3. Brow highlight
4. Cheekbone and Cupid’s bow highlight
5. A small tap on the center of the lip for an instant illusion of fuller lips

Tell me the favorite products you use more then one way, I would love to hear about them.


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