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For this Heart to Hart, the lovely Sunday’s Grace came up with 11 questions and asked if I would share my answers. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.

1. If you could choose who would be your celebrity BFF?

I would have to say Jessica Alba. Not just because we have the same name ( Her name is fabulous!) but; she’s creative, fashionable,Β  lives a healthy lifestyle and isn’t afraid to be silly! I’m obsessed with her book: The Honest Life and an avid Instagram follower!

Fun Fact# In high school because I have a very common name,Β  there were multiple Jessica’s in the classrooms. Teachers referred to us as the Jessica in the front… Jessica in the back πŸ™‚

2. If you could only use one makeup product, what would you choose?

Mascara! I feel mascara can make or break a look. It makes me feel all put together.

3. Favorite baking recipe?

My simple yet fancy Linzer cookies!

4. Favorite book or movie ( or both!)?

I love both the books and movies of The Notebook and Life of Phi.

5. If you could only choose one season, what would you choose?

One of my favorite reasons for living on the East Coast is experiencing all seasons. I love each season for different reasons. Winter – I love to snowboard. Summer – I love the beach. Fall – Apple picking and Pumpkin recipes. Spring – It’s almost Summer! So, sorry I can’t choose. Next question πŸ™‚

6. If you could be an animal for a day, what animal would you choose?

I would probably be a dog. My 2 dogs have a great life. Eat, play, snuggle… what more do you need!?

7. Where would you go on your dream vacation?

I don’t have a “dream” vacation because I want to go everywhere! I love to travel. My next big trip will be to Thailand in April 2014.

8. You’re having a dinner party, which 5 celebrities would you invite?

I would have to say…

1. Britney Spears, ( Don’t judge me!) she brings me back to my high school days.
2. Jessica Alba of course, because she’s my BFF.
3. Rachel Zoe because “Literally, I die”.
4. David Blaine, I wouldn’t mind illusions over dinner. Maybe he could make dinner magically appear… with a deck of cards. Hey, It could happen!

5. Kevin Hart, What’s a dinner party without laughter?

9. If you could see any concert, musical, theater performance etc, what would you choose?

I’m totally obsessed with Circus de Soleil shows. I’ve seen Mystere in Las Vegas at the Mirage and Zarkana here in NYC at Radio City. They were amazing! If they come to your town get tickets, you can thank me later!

10. Do you have a quote or motto that inspires you?

I have a few but I think the most inspiring one is: “Fear is not real.” When you are fearless then the possibilities are endless. It’s fear that holds people back from experiencing their dreams and wants out of life. #dreambig #fearnothing

11. What is your favorite blog post you’ve written so far?

I love writing my Heart to Hart series. This is the most personal side of my blog. If you are interested in reading more about me; Heart to Hart #1 & Heart to Hart #2

I loved chatting over coffee… Let’s do it again soon!

If you have any questions or topics related to beauty, fashion, lifestyle or something else you would like to chat about, click here to contact me and start up a chat!



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