Grey Skies

H&M, Sam & Libby, Dress, Grey Skies

Daylight savings time was just a few weeks ago and I’m already starting to feel sleepy and sluggish due to it getting dark so early. I remember when I was younger I thought It was kind of cool that the time would get pushed back an hour ( it usually meant we got to stay up an hour longer.) The weather can sometimes depict my mood, and in return affect my clothing choices. Today I decided to change that. I’m wearing grey skies on a sunny day. The color blocking detail in this dress is my favorite part. The contrast of the gray picturesque design and the black panels works so well together. Your eyes either go straight for the black or right to the front detail. Is it just me or do grey skies and gloomy weather have that effect on you too?

H&M, Sam & Libby, Dress H&M, Boots, Fall

Dress: H&M / Boots: Sam & Libby (similar)


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