Egg in a Leaf

Egg, Breakfast, Egg in a leaf, Leaf Cookie Cutter

Β I was always the first one to bed and the first to rise; that’s right I’m a morning person (and proud). The warmth of the sunlight bright and early is something I love and wouldn’t trade places with a “night person” any day. My morning routine consists of starting the coffee pot and thinking of breakfast ideas. This usually happens within 5 minutes of waking up and eggs was the first thought this morning. I tend to incorporate seasonal ingredients or influences into my food until I become obsessed with the next season. This morning I figured I’d try something new and simple. My eyes and stomach were glad I did. I had a few leaf cookie cutters laying around from a cookie recipe I’ll be sure to share with you soon.

Leaf Cookie Cutter, Bread Slice

1. I cut out the middle of the slice of bread with the cookie cutter.

Bread, frying pan

2. Added my sliced bread to a heated pan.

Egg, Breakfast, Egg in a leaf

3. Crack an egg right into the center of the bread (inside the leaf). Add salt and pepper and flip!

Egg, Breakfast, Egg in a leaf, Leaf Cookie Cutter

Go make your own Egg in a Leaf for Fall and I bet your stomach will thank you!


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