DIY: Beer Themed & Mustache Cupcake Toppers


Want a fun way to tie in a “Beer party” theme and cupcakes?Β  I decided to gather up all the paper and craft supplies I had on hand. With a few minutes of thinking and drinking I came up with these beer themed and mustache cupcake toppers… and here’s how I made them.

Things you’ll need:


White and Black stock card paper

Black sharpie

Something small and round




I found the scoop from my coffee container to be the perfect size to make the circles. I folded the white paper in half and cut out 6 (you will need 2 circles to create one topper).

For the mustaches, I free hand the design then cut them the length of about an 1 inch and folded the black paper to cut two ( I also cut 6).


After cutting all the circles, I drew a thick black line around both sides with a black sharpie and added a message on the front circle. I glued both back and front pieces together with the toothpick in between.

I hope you re-create these cupcake topper for your next party. Bake, EatΒ  and Enjoy!





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