Inside Hart: Birthday Beer Tour

Whiskey Barrels, Beer Tour

Birthdays are one of the most memorable days of the year. I tend to not want to celebrate mine in a huge way but, for others I just get overly excited (to say the least). On this occasion, it was my husband’s birthday. What better way to celebrate then with beer, cake and friends. If in Brooklyn, going on a beer tour at the Brooklyn Brewery is an experience to remember. All beer is made in-house and new recipes are made everyday. We learned how to taste, smell and drink beer the right way. That’s right… I was drinking beer all wrong. The rule is to pinch your nose for the first sip to savor the flavor before the smell. There was one that was my favorite, it had a taste of beer mixed with champagne with an 8% alcohol volume (which is pretty high for a beer). Cake, candles and shots of whiskey with a pickle juice chaser (The Whiskey Brooklyn special) ended this special day.

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