My week on Instagram – #4

Snap shots of my daily life activities. This week in Instagram photos, my Bichon fell asleep on what I guess was a boring book, I advise you not to read this one. Scouted this train station for a beautiful day of shooting and caught the best #smeyesing face ever!

October 1st called for freshly baked pumpkin bread, trying out a new hair style and watching my Yorkie hear noises in the bushes. Reminiscing from 2008, Eskimo kisses are the best! Not sure where Tiger Pumpkins came from but, it’s not Fall without them and ended the week with Saturday morning pumpkin pancakes. My week was calm and relaxing… How was yours?

Bichon Boring Book/ Today’s View/ #Smeyesing
Freshly Baked Pumpkin Bread/ Side Braid/ Hearing Noises 
Eskimo Kisses/ Tiger Pumpkins/ Heart Pumpkin Pancakes 

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Until next week!

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