DIY: The Matte Lip

It’s all about the matte lips this fall. Everyone is wearing it and most beauty companies are coming out with a whole line or collection for matte formulas.

Easily enough, we can just go out and buy all new matte lipsticks, but what if we could take the lipstick formulas we have already and turn then into a matte? Shall we try?!

Things you’ll need:

Let’s begin…

1.  Apply your favorite lipstick as normal.

2.  Blot and repeat 2x for the desired pigmentation.

3.  Choose a color from your palette and dab a small amount of the shadow onto your lips. The shadow will dry up the moisture in the lipstick. 

Voila… We’ve created a Matte Lip with products already in our collection!

I hope you enjoyed this tip and share your thoughts and questions below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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