Pampering in Process: Garnier Tissue Mask

This was my first time trying the Garnier 10 minute tissue mask. I usually use clay masks that dry up the excess oils and unclogs pores.  This tissue mask claims to Deeply hydrate, Boost radiance, smoothe & revitalize. Garnier says that in just two weeks the skin is brighter and more even when this mask is used 3x per week. So, I will need a few more applications before I can fully prove the brightening claim to be correct but, my skin feels smooth and very moisturized and it didn’t break me out!.. I’m impressed! Sometimes we use products that can dry out, exfoliate, and scratch the surface of our face. So its necessary to feed our skin all the vitamins and minerals we sometimes scrub away. I really love the feeling of a serum soaked facial mask on my clean face. Ahh… spa day (at home!)


1. Fully cleanse skin and pat dry

2. Unfold the mask and place the mask on face positioning the cut-out in the correct areas.
3. Smooth mask down with fingers so there are no bumps or wrinkles.
4. Leave for 10 minutes. 
5. Remove the mask and massage the remaining serum into the skin with fingers. 

Garnier Tissue Mask, Beauty, Facial
Garnier Tissue Mask, Beauty, Facial
Garnier Tissue Mask, Beauty, Facial

Now we have 10 minutes to spare. What to do!? I’ll even help you think of that too!…
Pick up a book for some light reading 
(tear* this book gets me every time)
Catch up on your favorite Vlog on YouTube
Garnier Tissue Mask, Beauty, Facial, Vlog, Youtube, Ipad
Brew up a batch of your morning coffee and relax
Garnier Tissue Mask, Beauty, Facial, Coffee Mug
Tell me about your favorite masks or something you like to do while waiting to be beautified!
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