DIY: Embellished Sweater



Embellished sweaters are everywhere this fall. To me it’s the best of both worlds. Its a sweater that teamed up with a necklace and decided they were BFF’s. Who doesn’t love a warm comfy sweater with added ‘bling’?!

After seeing this trend in multiple stores, it sparked my interest to  DIY my own embellished sweater.

Here’s my take on the trend.

Things you’ll need:

Rhinestone Studs
Butter Knife
The perfect sweater
Push the stud through the collar of your sweater with the metal spikes facing inside. With your butter knife, push all 4 spikes down to where they are laying flat and hugging the sweater securely. 
My finished embellished sweater is pictured below. 
I hope you enjoyed this and try it yourself.
Any one else have a DIY planned for the fall?
Instagram #thewaytomyHart of something you studded!
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