Inside Hart: Fall Weather Cravings

Leopard Flats, Burgundy Skinny Jeans, Burgundy Pants, Fall Leaves
The Soup Man, Lobster Bisque, Soup, Seinfeld, The Soup Nazi
The Soup Man, Lobster Bisque, Soup, Seinfeld, The Soup Nazi
large Spoon, Spooning, Burgundy Pants, Leopard Flats
Flowers, Flower Stand, Picking Daisies, Burgundy Pants, Black Satchel handbag

Flowers, Flower Stand, Picking Daisies

Vanilla Sky, Coffee Time, Coffee shop, Talking over coffee

The cooler weather brings on cool weather cravings. The last few days all I’ve wanted was soup. Creamy, thick, hearty soups. The kind of soups you eat wrapped up in a blanket cuddled next to the fire. Ok, Maybe that’s just in the movies but, lets pretend… shall we?

The first place that comes to my mind is from that episode of Seinfield where they went to “the soup nazi” everyday for soup. “You can’t eat this soup standing up… your knees will buckle.” I Love Seinfield! So, I figured its only right to just kill that craving with a trip to The original soup manΒ in Astoria, Queens. I ended up choosing the lobster bisque! Mmmm

A stop by the local flower stand, spooning in public (which made my husband a bit jealous) and coffee chat at Vanilla Sky ended our day.Β 
Until next next time!

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