It’s a fashion emergency

We’ve all been there…lost a button, major coffee spill or even that horrible blister you got from those “cute” shoes. Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. By the end of this post you are going to have a fashion emergency kit in every place you can think of.

Floss – I don’t know what’s worse, talking to someone with bad breathe or staring at piece of spinach stuck in their teeth. Sometimes, the piece of spinach becomes so apparent you don’t know when to tell them; Hey. ummm, Sorry to cut you off but, that piece of spinach in your teeth is distracting me from our conversation. My aunt would love me right now for promoting flossing after you eat. If you are the one that was told you had something in your teeth in that awkward convo…no worries. You have the floss in your emergency kit, right in your purse! All I can think of right now is that orbits commercial when they chew the gum and….*ting* they have a beautiful white clean smile. – Cue to the commercial πŸ™‚

Bobby Pins – Those annoying baby hairs or that one piece of hair that just doesn’t want to stay up or back in your sleek ponytail. Been there…wait I’m still there! I got one in my hair now! Or of course you can use the bobby pin to jimmy your house door knob when your locked out. I am not saying to break into someone house…just saying…why not?! It works on tv πŸ™‚

Stain remover penΒ  Whoever invented this a genius! And if you are walking around all day with a stained shirt then you are now allowed to be called – messy.

Lint brush –Β As soon as you step outside into the natural sunlight you see how much lint is on your clothes. (the story of my life!)

Sewing kit – We always seem to lose the one button right in the middle of the shirt! If you happen to have an extra button, or find the lost button, you can just sew it back on. If not, that’s where the next object in the kit comes in handy.Β 

Safety pins – As stated above, safety pins are just a great way to secure something for the time being.

Band-aids – Not only do you need band-aids in first aid kits but fashion emergency kits too! Shoes and blisters go hand in hand…(or maybe foot in foot ha ha) matter of fact they probably call each other BFF’s on the low. We buy those shoes that we know we can’t wear for too long and end up in them all day. The cushion of the band-aid helps with the skin rubbing with the shoe material. Instant fix!

Hope you enjoyed all of the items I have in my fashion emergency kit and my reasons why I need them! Leave me your thoughts on new items to add or new ways to use the items!

Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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