Tried & Tested #1- BONGO Beauty Line

I walked into KMart for the usually toilet paper and of course I needed to stop by the cosmetics section just to take quick peek.  On the front aisle was the new BONGO beauty line display. I remember begging my mom for the newest BONGO jeans back in the 90’s.. I was totally cool man! The nostalgia kicked in, so I picked up a few items to try and spread the word to my readers. These are just the colors and shades I picked up for my taste. There are various colors/shades of lip gloss and nail polish in this collection as well as body lotions and body sprays which I didn’t pick up on this trip. This is my own opinion on these products, and I hope you go out and try a few for yourself too…Enjoy!

 Bongo Beauty

The lip gloss packaging is pretty simply. A black wand top and a clear plastic tube to display the color…topped off with a gold rim around the spout. A classic style used for CHANEL and Revlon lip glosses.
The packaging for the tube lip gloss is a little different. Different, I mean pretty. This product has a gold textured screw off top and gold animal print pattern details on the plastic tube itself.
The nail polish comes in a clear glass bottle with a simple gold logo on the front. The top handle is plastic and also has a textured pattern as the lip gloss but, in black.  So far, I like the packaging. Simple with a little edge!

The Scent-

Sugary & Floral is my best description…a very light smell.

The Pigmentation-

 The pigmentation is great. What you see in the tube is pretty close to the color on your lips. I’m obsessed with the colors I picked up from the nail polish line…at $2.99 I might just pick up ALL the colors! ( this is what happens when I get excited)

The Price-

 .Lip Gloss: 0.30 oz wand $3.99
  Lip Gloss 0.43 oz tube $2.99
  Nail polish: 0.34 oz $2.99

Where to buy-

BONGO beauty line is exclusively sold at KMart.

 Shake & Shimmer

Bongo Beauty, Pink Lip Gloss, Shake and Shimmer

Slow Dance
Bongo Beauty, Coral Lip Gloss, Bongo Lip Gloss, Slow Dance
 So My Type
Bongo Beauty, Pink Lip Gloss, Bongo Lip GLoss, So My Type

Canary Island 
Bongo Beauty, Bongo Nail Polish, Canary Island, Yellow Nail Polish
That’s How We Roll
Bongo Beauty, Bongo Nail Polish, This is how we roll, Blue Nail Polish

Bongo Lip Swatches, Shake and Shimmer, Slow Dance, So My Type, Bongo Lip Gloss
Summer is all about the pedicure!
Geometric Glam