I’m Melting…I’m Melting

Summer has just started and I’m already complaining about the heat. I remember just a few months ago I was complaining the weather was too cold! I’m a summer baby…Virgo to be specific, I prefer the heat over the cold any day. No complaining here….ok, ok that one complaint before but, now I’ve cooled off.

So, while you’re sitting home in your AC or your fan…whichever you have, Here are a few tips and tricks on products I use in these summer months.

I have oily/combination skin. These 4 months of summer, I feel like my makeup is just melting off my face or maybe my face is melting off my head ( not exactly sure)..same for you? I’m always looking for new products to help control my oily skin and new ways to help me not look like I walked into a mist from my oil cooking spray...just kidding! ( or am I?)

Here are a few things in my makeup bag I keep in my purse.

1. I use a powder to hide the shine from my oily skin. I’m loving the BOBBIE BROWN Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF 12. You can either use it as a full coverage with the sponge provided or lightly dust this powder on your face with a brush for a lighter coverage. I’m currently using the MAC 129 with this foundation for my makeup bag.

2. I love to give my face a highlight on my cheekbone and down the bridge of my nose. The Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in silver/gold is amazing and shimmeryΒ for summer.

3. Blush…Yes, who could leave the house without a rosy flush of color on the cheeks? Me? No way Jose! I’m loving the Maybelline baked blush in Wild Blossom.

4. Either wear these 2 products separate or together but, both are great either way. My go to neutral lip is the MAC Viva Glam V which is a nude shade with a bit of shimmer and my CHANEL Glossimer in 112. This shade is a shimmery nude pink color…just the right amount of color to enhance those sexy lips of yours.

A coat of your favorite mascara and your out the door. Short and sweet for an everyday neutral look to enhance your natural beauty.
Share what’s in your makeup bag!

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