Inside Hart: Revel, Atlantic City

Hey guys! My husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary this week at The Revel Resort & Casino. We had an amazing time relaxing by the pool, trying new restaurants and hanging on the boardwalk. A little trip to remember our special day 4 years ago when we first became husband and wife.

Here’s a glimpse into our getaway…

Revel, Revel Resort, Revel Casino, Revel Boardwalk

This is a fairly new hotel that opened in April 2012. Featuring 5 stars restaurants, BASK Spa (which we didn’t try but, we will be back!) Indoor/outdoor pool and the 2nd floor casino dedicated to all the gambling lovers out there. We realized we didn’t do much gambling because there’s so many other options in this resort…gambling was actually on the bottom of our list this trip to Atlantic City. Of course we did some gambling before we left…and we left $50 richer! We definitely spent most of our time in the pool, as it was 97 degrees in NJ this week.

view from the pool overlooking the ocean

We had lunch at Luke’s Marketplace. Great place to pick up breakfast or lunch when you aren’t looking for a “sit down” meal. Money well spent and the food was really good…we went back for breakfast the next day too.

Luke's Marketplace, Revel Casino, Revel Atlantic City Revel, Revel Resort

We did some “before” dinner drinking and people watching at House of Blues on the boardwalk…people watching can be so much fun!

Dinner at Amada: A Tapas restaurant at Revel (small dishes in Spanish cuisine). I thought the idea was great but, the husband not so much. I love little bites of different flavors when eating. Amada has a traditional menu to pick different tapas for the table or you can have the chef do the picking for you. Since we’ve never tried Tapas before we choose that route and it was quite interesting what the chef pick for us. All the different items that were bought to the table had us…surprised. Yes, that’s the word.  I’m proud of the husband for trying everything that came out…it just wasn’t his cup of tea… I guess you can say. I just remember laughing the whole night at his reaction. I got the “what did I get myself into”
 face all night.

Revel, Revel Ocean View Room, Revel Hotel, Revel Resort and Casino, Revel Casino, Atlantic City

The caged booth at Amada
Amada Restaurant, Tapas, Caged Booth, Atlantic City, Revel resort and Casino

Revel Atlantic City, Revel Resort and Casino, Revel, Amada Restaurant, Tapas, Amada Caged Booth
See you soon Revel!
Thanks for reading.

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